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EncryptedTrialIDTrial IDTrial status IDTrial TitleTrial AimTrail StatusAction
356A192B7913B04C54574D18C28D46E6395428AB11A Trial of Favipiravir and Hydroxychloroquine in Adults hospitalized with Moderate and Severe Covid-19In this trial, we want to evaluate the efficacy of the combination of Favipiravir and Hydroxychloroquine as potential therapy for moderate and severe cases with COVID -19Ongoing and recruiting
DA4B9237BACCCDF19C0760CAB7AEC4A8359010B021A Trial of Favipiravir therapy in Adults with mild Coronavirus Disease Covid-19The purpose of this study is to evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of Favipiravir in comparison to placebo in the treatment of mild COVID-19 cases.Ongoing and recruiting